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    Wu Yong
    Chairman of the Board

    Wu Yong, male, born in June 1age 51, joined our Company in December 2014 and is the present chairman and executive director of the company. Mr. Wu is a graduate with a bachelor degree and a senior engineer of raised remuneration. Mr. Wu served successively as the bureau chief assistant and deputy bureau chief of Benghu Sub-bureau of Shanghai Railway Bureau, commander chief of Hefei-Wuhan Railway Engineering Construction Headquarters of Shanghai Railway Bureau, the bureau chief assistant, deputy bureau chief and executive deputy bureau chief of Wuhan Railway Bureau, the bureau chief and deputy party secretary of Chengdu Railway Bureau, etc. Since August 2014, he has been the chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Railway (Corporation) Company (GRGC).


    Hu Lingling
    Executive Director, General Manager

    Hu Lingling, male, born in November 1963, joined the Company in December 2015 and is a general manager of the Company. Mr. Hu is a graduate with bachelor degree and is an engineer. Mr. Hu served successively as the chief of Transportation Department of GRGC, the deputy general manager of GRGC and the board director of our company,  the stationed officer of world department in Paris headquarters of World Railway Union, the deputy general manager of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hongkong passenger line Company Limited. Since December 2015, he has been the general manager of our company.  Since May 2016, he has been the executive director and general manager of our company. 




    Guo Ji'an
    Non-executive Director

    Guo Ji'an, male, born in August 1972,  is a non-executive director of our Company. He is a graduate with a bachelor degree and a senior engineer. Mr. Guo served successively as the deputy chief of  transportation department of GRGC, the general manager of Guangzhou branch of China Railway Container Transportation Company Limited, the chief of transportation department of GRGC, the vice general engineer of GRGC and the deputy director of preparatory group of Beijing-Shanghai Passenger Line Company. Since April 2008, he has been the deputy general manager of GRGC.



    Guo Jiming
    Non-executive Director

    Guo Jiming, male, born in December 1967,  holds a university degree and is a senior accountant. Mr. Guo had previously served as the deputy head of Finance Sub-section of Wuhan Sub-bureau of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, the head of Finance Section and the director of Capital Settlement Center of Wuhan Railway Bureau, the chief accountant of Jinan Railway Bureau and the chief accountant of China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd. He has been serving as the chief accountant of GRGC since July 2019.



    Zhang Zhe
    Non-executive Director

    Zhang Zhe, male, born in October 1971, holds a bachelor's degree and is a senior engineer. Mr. Zhang had previously served as the head of Tangxi Railway Station of Guangzhou Railway Group Yang Cheng Railway Company, the head of Sub-section of Freight Transportation and Marketing of Yang Cheng Railway Company, the deputy director of Safety Supervision Sub-office of Guangzhou Railway Office, the deputy head of Jiangcun Railway Station of the Company, the head of Zhaoqing Train Section of Guangdong Sanmao Railway Co., Ltd. and the head of Guangzhou South Railway Station of the Company. He has been serving as the director of Passenger Transport Department of GRGC since April 2019.    


    Guo Xiangdong 
    Executive Director, Chairman of Labor Union

    Guo Xiangdong, male, born in November 1965, holds a bachelor's degree and a MBA degree and is an economist. Mr. Guo had previously served as the director of the Secretariat of the Board. He had served as the secretary of the Board since January 2004 and the deputy general manager of the Company and the secretary of the Board from November 2010 to October 2019. He has been serving as the chairman of Labor Union of the Company since October 2019. 


    Chen Song
    Independent Non-executive Director

    Chen Song , male, born in January 1973,  joined our Company in May 2014 and is an independent non-excusive Director of our Company. Mr.Chen is honored as Doctorate degree in major of finance and investment direction of management school of Sun Yatsen University, CPA China, Certified Internal Auditor. Mr.Chen was the teacher in higher mathematics and pharmaceutical machinery in Guangdong Food and Drug vocational college, the tuter for MBA and EMBA in management school of Sun Yatsen Univesity, managerial trainee in P&G (China) Investment Limited Company, financial analysis manager in Crest Oral Department, financial supervisor, CFO, excusive Director of Heinz (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Department, the Director, general manager in Ren Coty (China) chief financial officer and make-up Division, the financial supervisor of Greater China Region in Boer Cmc Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.  He is now the vice general manager and CFO of Chongqing Beer Co., Ltd. 


    Jia Jianmin
    Independent Non-executive Director

    Jia Jianmin, male, born in August 1957,  joined our Company in May 2014 and is an independent non excusive Director of our Company. Mr. Jia has master degree, doctorate degree in Business School of the University of Texas At Austin. He was a committee of The National Natural Science Foundation of Department of Management Science Advisory Committee of experts, the committee of China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, the Scholar Director of MSI USA. He has influence experiences in consulting and training, he served for companies including Hutchison Whampoa, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Citic Bank, IBM, China Rail, CSR, CNR etc. now He is a professor and chairman of the Department of Marketing of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Business Administration, Changjiang Scholar Professor of the Education Department of PRC.  



    Wang Yunting
    Independent Non-executive Director

    Wang Yunting, male, born in July 1958, joined our Company in May 2014 is an independent non excusive Director of our Company. Mr. Wang graduated from Medical School of Xi'an Jiaotong University, scholar degree, EMBA of Guanghua School of Management,Peking University. Mr.Wang was the vice general manager of China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation, Ltd (Shenzhen), vice general manager of Beijing Capital Huayin group, now he is the Director of Shaanxi Fortune Investment Limited.